Three books that I find quite useful

They’re all a decade old and kind of dated, but they still have some very good techniques that can be adapted in to newer code and projects.

SQL Hacks, by Andrew Cumming & Gordon Russell (2006).  This book has a lot of different tips, I most recently used it to refine some code for personalized parameters and setting row-based security.  The cool thing about this book is that the reference multiple SQLs: you’ll find examples and explanations in T-SQL, PL/SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.  Not every example has code in every language, but it’s not too difficult to extrapolate in to your favorite language.

Access Hacks, by Ken Bluttman (2005).  Ken’s book has lots of VBA code that I’ve found quite useful: yesterday I pulled code from it to set a timer that will auto-save changed data, and will also close a form if nothing is happening on it.

Access Cookbook, by Ken Getz (2004).  A more in-depth book than Access Hacks, the Cookbook unfortunately is considerably more dated: Access has gone through a lot of changes in 11 years!


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