New, Free Program Editor from Microsoft

I like free software.  And I particularly love multi-platform software.  Microsoft just scratched both of those itches.

They recently announced a new program editor called Code.  Perhaps not the greatest of names, but it seems in my limited use with it to be quite capable.  It supports RegEx, Git, and side by side editing, some definite pluses.  I didn’t notice a column mode, which can be very useful for cleaning up data files.  It might be there and I just haven’t found it yet.  I also doesn’t seem to have a macro capability, and if it’s missing that, then it gets called a VERY basic editor.  Still, time will tell, especially since it has a Request New Features link.  Based on what I’ve seen in it, it’s no replacement for TextPad, but it’s not bad.

Tonight I’ll load it on my Macs at home and see what it looks like there as I’m not too keen on the program editor that I’ve been using under OS-X.


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