SQL Server 2014 Cumulative Update 7 now available, plus Ozar live-tweet and 2014 SP1 update

Apparently it released 11 days ago, I saw it in SQL Server Central’s weekly newsletter.  You can get a link to download either the x86 or x64 versions for both the database and ODBC here.

Regarding 2014’s SP1, still no news as to when a new version will see the light of day.  But at least we have CU7.

Brent Ozar live-tweeted from yesterday’s Ignite conference keynote speech.  Sounds like typical keynote blather: new toys, some of which won’t work, some won’t work like they displayed them, some could be cool.  I wasn’t too keen on the announcement of SQL Server 2016, I really wish they’d stop with this new version every other year.  I think it will encourage people to look at hanging on to their older versions since the rate of change is beginning to exceed people’s capacity to absorb the new features.  Microsoft recently announced end of support for SQL 2005 next year, which means 2008 will be EOL’d in four years.  At least the 2014 installation that I’m working on will still be supported when I leave this job.


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