Have pity on poor RFP reviewers!

If you respond to RFPs or are part of a team that responds to RFPs for your company, consider doing a couple of things.

First, photocopy your RFP.

Now scan your RFP in to a PDF and send it to other people for them to review.

Light grey print may look very pretty on laser-printed hardcopy, but it isn’t easy to read on a laptop screen or monitor, and you could be losing points from your evaluation.  I’m currently reviewing four proposals for a development project (one was just disqualified for not signing their proposal) and it isn’t easy.  And there’s six people reviewing these proposals!

Finally, create your own PDF to submit along with your hardcopies, but MAKE SURE ALL URLS WORK before sending it!

You could easily shoot yourself, and your chance of getting a contract, by your proposal being hard for reviewers to read.


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