Using Yahoo Mail instead of Gmail for SQL Server Database Mail?


I’m working on a notification system so that when certain procedures are run, certain people are notified.  I configured Gmail as the SMTP provider for my production box four months ago and it’s been flawless.  My job that runs my nightly DBCCs at 23:59 sends me a copy of the results every night at 23:59.

I never configured my development box with SMTP, until today.  I couldn’t find my config info on how I’d set up my production box (I have since found it) so I set up a new Gmail account.  Went through the account and profile creation via SSMS, and sent a test message.  And it didn’t go through.  Double-checked everything and it all looked fine.  Printed out the config from my production server and everything looked good.  It just refused to work.

Eventually I got an email from Google that said ‘Sign-in attempt prevented’.  It eventually penetrated my thick skull that the blue background that said REVIEW YOUR DEVICES NOW was actually a label that opened a configuration screen.  I acknowledged that yes, I was OK with the address in my neighborhood sending me email, and I assumed that would be the end of it.

It turned out that I was wrong.  As I said I found the mail configuration info for my production server so I added another profile to my dev box.  Still no dice.

Finally I decided to create a Yahoo mail account.  And it worked.  It isn’t as instantaneous delivery as Gmail was, at least right now, so we’ll see what happens with it.  Initial tests show that it takes Yahoo 3 minutes from when my server sends it and when my email client receives the message.

I’ll do some more experimenting tomorrow to try to get Gmail working, we’ll see what happens.


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