A clean way to handle a report’s NODATA event

This was annoying me.  I wanted to display a report showing all of the notes for a student, but it was entirely possible that there would be no notes.  Seems simple: put a MSGBOX in the VBA behind the NODATA event of the report.  Except the report then tries to display.  So I came up with this code:

Private Sub cmdNotesReportPreview_Click()
    Dim snum As Integer   'student ID
    Dim sncnt As Integer  'num of notes for this student
    snum = Forms!frmStudentsSPEDs.StudentID
    sncnt = DCount("[NoteID]", "dbo_NotesStudents", "StudentID=" & snum)
    If sncnt > 0 Then
        DoCmd.OpenReport "rptStudentsNotes", acViewPreview, , "StudentID=" & snum
        MsgBox "This student has no notes to display."
    End If
 End Sub

Does the trick for me quite nicely.


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