SQL Server for Linux? Coming 2017!

Very interesting.  Ars Technica reported on it yesterday, I expect more information after the SQL Server 2016 launch event which is apparently on March 10 at 10am EST.

While I don’t have much interest in SQL 2016 (which has some excellent features, but we just started running SQL 2014 and it’ll be fine for quite a while), the Linux edition intrigues me.  Formerly you only had DB2 and Oracle for major database software on non-Windows platforms, so this will be quite interesting to see it play out.  Yes, Linux already had MySQL, Maria, PostgreSQL, etc., and they are perfectly fine databases.  I’m just glad to see something that I know pretty well get on to *nix.

The actual Microsoft announcement also has a link to sign up for the SQL Linux newsletter.  What I want to know is what distros it will run on: I would expect Red Hat and Ubuntu, we shall see.  Microsoft has ODBC drivers for those two distros, plus SUSE, so those three seem the most likely candidates.  Plus there are drivers for node.js, Ruby, and Python in addition to Java ODBC libraries, so lots of approaches can be taken.  According to the newsletter signup, it’s currently available as Ubuntu and Docker images, I would expect Red Hat at launch as it’s perhaps the biggest server *nix going.


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