A couple of interesting posts from other bloggers

First, from the illustrious Phil Factor at Simple Talk, a post on using T-SQL to generate UML code to create database relational diagrams.  The diagram generator is PlantUML and does a fair job, but the diagram can become very wide and complex.

I did have one problem with Phil’s script that I haven’t been able to correct yet: some rows are returned as Null and have to be deleted from the output that you feed PlantUML lest it crash.  Easy enough to clean up.



The second is from Kendra Little, formerly a business associate of Brent Ozar, also illustrious, with a script for generating the code to recreate all of the indexes in a database.  This is cool for a couple of reasons.  First, it includes a note showing whether or not a table is a heap.  Second, it also shows you the usage statistics which tells you whether an index is getting hit.  If it’s not getting hits, it might not be worth the overhead to keep the index.

Personally I’m probably going to make it part of my Model database.  You can turn it into a view if you remove the Option(Recompile) line at the end of the code.  You’re probably better off not looking at the execution plan of the code, just be satisfied that this is system management and not production code.

How to Script Out Indexes from SQL Server


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